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Extra Fun from the Wits!

Podcasts, Apps and Games

Did you Quick Wits has a store? Yup, it most certainly does. You can get shirts, hoodies, water bottles, you name it. And all representing your favorite comedy improv team. Go to to get all your Quick Wits and Wasatch Improv Festival attire and accessories!

Merch Store
@Wits End

Utah's Longest Running Improv Troupe, Quick Wits, presents their after-show podcast. With suggestions from the audience (live or through social media) the Wits create improvised scenes. Follow them on Twitter (@witsend) and give them some suggestions. You might be part of the next podcast!


Finally, an improv app with 250+ games, many great ask-for ideas (leading questions to spark creative suggestions), and thousands of scene suggestions. It's even got an internal scoreboard and timer with more extensions coming! We've used this on stage in improv shows many times and it's just as powerful during improv workshops. (New Version coming soon!)


Out of ConTXT

Out of ConTXT

People can't go two minutes without looking at their phones, so we made a game that encourages it! Reveal a card with a suggestion and then find the best answer on your phone. Use your texts, photos, song titles, and whatever it takes to win. Get enough cards and you win the game!

Out of ConTXT never gets stale because you're creating new content for it every day. You've played games like this before, but Out of ConTXT makes it personal! For more information talk to Bob or Jason.

Hollywood Award Show

Hollywood Award Show recreates that moment in every award show where the nominees are announced and they show a scene from their movie, only this time YOU are the STAR, and your friends are the Academy that decides who wins! For more information talk to Bob or Jason.

Hollywood Award Show
Pitch Session

Pitch Session

Info coming soon

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